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Founded in 1995, the School of Film and TV Art & Technology at Shanghai University ( hereafter as SFTAT) is one of the pioneer film& TV research academy ever established within a comprehensive university in mainland China dedicated to the education and cultivation of professional practitioners and researchers in the areas of media arts, journalism and communication. The first dean of the school was the late world-renowned film director Xie Jing, who served between1995 to 2008 and was succeeded by the late media educator Prof. Jin Guanjun, who served between2008 to 2011. The Third dean of SFTAT is Prof. Zheng Han, an expert on media industry research. The current dean of SFTAT is Prof. He Xiao qing, an expert on art design field.

SFTAT currently has four departments: the Department of Communication and Journalism, the Department of Film and TV Arts, the Department of Film and TV Engineering, and the Department of Advertisement. In addition, SFTAT also administrates a TV Production unit and a laboratory for Film and TV experimentations. SFTAT currently has 104 faculty members and 39 staff members, including 26 full professors/research fellows and 33 associate professors/associate research fellows, 51 of them holding a PhD and 20 of them doctoral advisors.

After near two decades of rapid development, SFTAT has grown to be one of the key institutions for film/TV and communication studies in China, offering doctoral, master's, bachelor's degrees and two mobile post-doctoral centers in journalism and communication, respectively. SFTAT provides bachelor’s degrees in six programs, which are Film and TV Directing and Writing, Film and TV Arts and Technology, TV Broadcasting and Reporting, Journalism, Advertising, and Conference and Exhibition Management, with an annual enrollment of around 300 undergraduate students.

On the postgraduate level, SFTAT offers six research M.A programs, which are Film Studies, Television Studies, Arts Studies, Journalism Studies, Communication Studies, and Traditional Chinese Opera and Drama Studies, with an annual enrollment of around 60 students; two professional M.A. programs, which are Film and TV Production and Journalism and Communication Production, with an annual enrollment of around 50 students; and five Ph.D. programs in Drama and Film/TV Studies, Journalism and Communication Studies, Art History and Theory Studies, Digital Media Technology Studies, and Creative Industry Management Studies, with around 20 PhD candidates obtaining their degrees every year.

The Shanghai Municipal Government has attached great importance to the sustainable development of SFTAT. Since 2003, three disciplines at SFTAT, i.e. TV and Radio Arts Studies, Film Studies and Communication Studies, have been selected as key disciplines to receive generous financial supports from the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Municipal Commission of Education. In 2012, the discipline of Drama and Film/TV Studies was recognized as one of the Top Disciplines in Shanghai. In addition to these titles and grants, SFTAT also houses a Municipal Education Highland for Film, TV and Communication Studies, a Municipal Research and Innovation Base for Social Sciences, and a Key Studio affiliated with the Municipal Institute for Development Strategy.

Among the 840 plus universities in China which have the qualification to issue bachelor’s degrees, 120 of them have established a major for film and TV directing and/or production and SFTAT is one of the top five film and TV schools in China. To be more specific, SFTAT’s undergraduate major of Film and TV Directing and Writing has been ranked as No. three in China and No. one in Shanghai; its discipline of Drama and Film/TV Studies as No. four in China and No. one in Shanghai. In addition, SFTAT’s undergraduate majors of Journalism and Communication and Advertising have also been highly ranked as one of the top ten respectively in China.










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